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Hit all the steps in new shoes

Jazz2 Tap Pointe Pointe2 Pointe3

Capezio: N625T/C Jr Tyette, 3800(T/C) Mary Jane, CG19(C,A) Cadence, 657 Manhattan Xtreme, CG16(C) Flex Master Tap, CG17(C) Fluid Tap, CG09(A) Premiere Tap, 561Tap Jr Footlight


Bloch: DN3710G/L Jazz Tap, S0323L Showtapper, S0302G/L Tap-on, S0388G/L/M Tap Flex, S0301G/L/M Jazz Tap, S0389G/L Tap Flex Slip-on, S0361L Respect, S0313L/M Tap Pro (Formerly Jason Samuel Smith)


Balera: B150(S) Slip on Tap Shoe



Capezio: EJ2(C,A) E Series Slip On, CG31W Pure Knit


Bloch:  S0401G/L Super Jazz, S0470G/L Pulse, S0495G/L Neo Flex


So Danca: JZ75L Jill, JZ09S/L JoJo


Sansha: JB3 Soho


Capezio: DS03(C) Canvas Dance Sneaker

Bloch: S0538L Boost Dance Sneaker

Hip Hop

Grishko: Nova Flex, Ulanova, 2007


Russian Pointe: Entrada Pro, Muse, Rubin


Capezio: 121 Aria, 1142W Ava, 1136W Developpe


Bloch: ES0160L, European Balance, S0161L Grace, S0131L Serenade, S0132L Suprima


Chacott:  Veronese II


Mirella:  MS140 Whisper


Capezio: 2028(C,A) Canvas Juliet II, 2037W Canvas Hanami, 2027(C,A) Leather Juliet II, 2038W Leather Hanami, 212(C,W) Lily, 205 (T,C) Daisy


Bloch: S0277G/L Canvas  Pump, ES0253L Canvas Elasto-split, S0203G/L Leather Prolite II, S0205G/L Leather Dansoft


So Danca: SD16S/L Canvas  Bliss, SD60S/L Leather Brit


Sansha: Pro I, 15C


Capezio, Stephanie Ballroom GOGO, Aris Allen, Bloch,

So Danca and more.

(Each with several styles and colors.)



Capezio: H07 FootUndeez, H064W Hanami Pirouette, H062 Leather Pirouette, PP323 Pedini Femme, FF01 Freeform


Bloch: S0619L Eclipse Canvas, S0675L Foot Thong III


Dance Paws: DP Original Dance Paws


Body Wrappers: 620 Pleated Half Soles


Rutherford: Ghillies


Capezio: Ghillies

Corr’s: Ghillies & Hard shoes

So Danca: CH40 Chrissie 2" T-Strap, CH02 Candice 1.5” Single Strap


Capezio:  CHORUS 2 3/4" T-Strap, 650 2” Student Footlight Single Strap, 700 2” T-strap, 500(X,A) 1.5” Jr. Footlight


Bloch: S0538L Chord   3" T-Strap, S0390L Split-Flex, S0300M Jazz Time Men’s Oxford Leather, S0300MS Jazz Time Men’s Oxford Suede


Character/Musical Theatre

Remember, students who are new to Pointe must make an appointment to allow time for a proper and safe fitting.