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Our Mission Statement

A selection like no other


The Dancer's Store in Northern Virginia for beginner thru professional. Dance shoes, dancewear and accessories for tap, ballet, pointe, ballroom, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, liturgical and much more. This dance store has a large selection of shoes, leotards, tights and supplies with below retail prices every day!


Heather’s Dancewear Boutique is a dancer's dream come true. No more running from store to store looking for those "dance specific items" that are impossible to find at sporting goods stores and dance centers.

Heather Ehrheart-Guck started her store in April of 1996 after years of frustration trying to shop for her daughter’s dance wear needs. Heather was tired of running all over the area in search of dancewear and shoes. When she found what she needed, it often had to be specially ordered. Heather’s Dancewear Boutique specializes in classic and popular dancewear and shoes for all sizes – most below retail prices.

The first thing you see when you walk into Heather’s is a selection like no other store of its kind. The selection of shoes and the way the staff cares for the dancer’s feet is unmatched. All dance shoes must be fitted properly because they are not like street shoes. Pointe shoes can take up to one hour and require an appointment to give the student a chance to try on several pairs so they can find the perfect fit.